Jesus, Science and Islam: where do they all finto into Kabbalah?

Have you ever wondered what Jesus/Yeshua means for Kabbalists? Is he the Messiah? And what about the Theory of Evolution -- have we evolved from monkeys? Is Science and Kabbalah so different or so similar? What about Islam: is there a connection between Islam and Kabbalah?

In this Q&A, Billy took questions about Jesus, Science and Islam and their connection to Kabbalah. Are you curious to know the answer to that question you've always had on your mind?

Billy was live on an OPEN Q&A LIVE on Zoom on August 5th, and people were able to ask him Everything they always wanted to know about Kabbalah! (but were afraid to ask).


About Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips is in the intellectual property licensing business. He is also an award-winning writer, producer, and creative director.

He has been instrumental in bridging the divide between science and spirituality. Billy has guest lectured at NASA on two occasions. These talks were given at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, and the Goddard Space Flight Center located just outside Washington, DC.

During his ongoing studies and research he has explored this topic with a wide range of luminaries physicists, scholars, and world leaders including Nobel Laureate and physicist Arno Penzias, Michio Kaku, US President Bill Clinton and other luminaries.

He is married to Marianne Phillips, has 4 adult children, David, Madison, Coby and Arielle and he lives in Southern California.