A DocuCourse™ about The Secret Teachings of Jesus, and The Unmasking of the True Holy Grail

💬 Why take the course?

If you have questions about the universe, life, or in particular unanswered questions about Jesus, God and the chaos in our lives, this course can provide profound insights and practical answers based on hidden teachings that are now coming to light after twenty centuries.

💬 I know what you're wondering...

Is this Jews for Jesus? No.
Is this Christians for Judaism? No.
Is this Christians for Christians? No.
Is this Jews for Jews? No.

So what then is it?

And THAT is one of the secrets that will be revealed. And the answer is stunning and life-changing.


1. Jesus gave secrets only to his close disciples. To the masses he spoke in parable. Now that the secrets are being revealed, takeaway number one is that you are in the same relationship with Jesus as were his closest disciples.

2. You will have a profoundly deeper understanding of the origins and secret meaning of Christian Doctrines.

3. You will know the secret history and source of Jesus' teachings that have never been made public.

4. You will understand the way to bring the Final Redemption and the arrival of the Messiah based on the secret teachings.

5. You will fill your body and soul with Light because the secret teachings and the actual story of what really happened are both the sum and substance of supernal Light—at least, according to the secret teachings.

6. You will understand HOW the Messianic reality will function and look in a practical way, and why the secrets are the key to igniting the arrival of the Messiah.


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This DocuCourse™ left Jews and Christians speechless the first time…

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Please note: This waiting list is filling fast.
First come, first serve!