A DocuCourse™ about The Secret Teachings of Jesus, and

The Unmasking of the True Holy Grail

💬 Why take the course?

If you have questions about the universe, life, or in particular unanswered questions about Jesus, God and the chaos in our lives, this course can provide profound insights and practical answers based on hidden teachings that are now coming to light after twenty centuries.

💬 I know what you're wondering...

Is this Jews for Jesus? No.
Is this Christians for Judaism? No.
Is this Christians for Christians? No.
Is this Jews for Jews? No.

So what then is it?

And THAT is one of the secrets that will be revealed. And the answer is stunning and life-changing.


1. Jesus gave secrets only to his close disciples. To the masses he spoke in parable. Now that the secrets are being revealed, takeaway number one is that you are in the same relationship with Jesus as were his closest disciples.

2. You will have a profoundly deeper understanding of the origins and secret meaning of Christian Doctrines.

3. You will know the secret history and source of Jesus' teachings that have never been made public.

4. You will understand the way to bring the Final Redemption and the arrival of the Messiah based on the secret teachings.

5. You will fill your body and soul with Light because the secret teachings and the actual story of what really happened are both the sum and substance of supernal Light—at least, according to the secret teachings.

6. You will understand HOW the Messianic reality will function and look in a practical way, and why the secrets are the key to igniting the arrival of the Messiah.


What people are saying:

“Billy has shown extraordinary perception and a grasp of the possible subtle congruencies between ancient Kabbalah and Christianity, a matter which has not received adequate attention even from the most talented of scholars in this field.”

Dr. Robert Eisenman, Professor of Middle East Religions, Archaeology, and Christian Origins at California State University, Author of "James, the Brother of Jesus"

"Billy Phillips is a reliable reader of texts in our tradition of Kabbalah. In his work, he blends scholarly acumen with spiritual authority. I am sure that people will be challenged and stimulated by his conclusions about the relationship between Jewish mysticism and the formative years of Christianity."

—Dr. Pinchas Giller, Professor in Medieval Thought

"Billy has extraordinary talents and abilities...He has developed a special capacity to convey very complex ideas to a wide audience.”

Professor Matt Goldish, author of Judaism in the The Theology of Sir Isaac Newton.

“All of Billy Phillips work will leave you on the edge of your seat…”

Elizabeth Johnson, Student and Customer Service Rep Carnival Cruise Lines

"Billy is a unique and rare talent, profoundly fusing spirituality, physics and history that have the potential to have a spellbinding effect on both children and adults."

Allan Jay Freidman, Emmy Award Winning Producer

"An extraordinary talent…”

Astrophysicist Bernard Haisch, Author of over 130 scientific publications


This course provides stunning clarification of

Jesus and his hidden teachings.

It will enhance your perspective of his role in the world by illuminating the hidden mysteries that he shared with only his close disciples. In other words, it's as though you are now a close disciple, now ready to hear long hidden truths. The course will enrich the profile of Jesus and by doing so, resolve many paradoxes and unanswered questions.

Unredacting Jesus DocuCourse™

This course is not a typical academic exercise.

Rather, it’s a powerful exposé that blows the lid off the secrets and hidden teachings that have been kept under wraps for twenty centuries. Literally. That’s a bold statement. So do not believe a word of it. Instead, allow the facts and the wealth of information revealed through this extraordinary story speak for itself.

There is no belief or blind faith in this course.

There is only hard evidence and information that illuminates a truth that will resonate deep inside of you.

We all have questions.

And we all know from experience that there are not a lot of answers to be found when we ask difficult questions.

  • What were the teachings Jesus never made public?
  • How were Jesus' secret teachings hidden?
  • How did they finally appear?
  • Where did Jesus get his secret teachings from?
  • Why are Jesus' secret teachings finally being made public now?
  • Why did Jesus purposely not disclose these secrets to the masses?
  • What is the mystery of the Trinity?
  • The resurrection?
  • Was Jesus really the Son of God?
  • Was he the Messiah?
  • If so, why has there been so much suffering, pain and tears for twenty centuries?
  • Why hasn’t the Messiah arrived yet?
  • What’s he waiting for?
  • Why do most of our own prayers go unanswered?
  • What is the meaning of our existence?
  • Why did Paul start a new religion if Jesus was a Jew?
  • If a miracle can make a lame person walk again, and a blind person see again, why not just manufacture the ultimate miracle: the end of death?

These questions, and others, reveal the ultimate power of the opportunity that lies at the heart of this course.

And what is that?

The willingness to answer the tough questions.

This is not just about Jesus’ life. This is also about your life.

This course not only answers the hard questions, but it also provides useable knowledge, practical wisdom and powerful techniques for radically changing our lives.

All you need to bring to this course are your questions... and an open heart.

And then brace yourself for the power of answers!



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Your Instructor

Billy Phillips
Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips is in the intellectual property licensing business. He is also an award-winning writer, producer, creative director and marketer.

He has been instrumental in bridging the divide between science and spirituality. Billy has guest lectured at NASA on two occasions. These talks were given at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, and the Goddard Space Flight Center located just outside Washington, DC.

During his ongoing studies and research he has explored this topic with a wide range of luminaries physicists, scholars, and world leaders including Nobel Laureate and physicist Arno Penzias, Michio Kaku, US President Bill Clinton and other luminaries.

He is married to Marianne Phillips, has 4 adult children, David, Madison, Coby and Arielle and he lives in Southern California.


DocuCourse™ Curriculum

  Class Discussion and Q&A on Chapters 1 to 5
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days after you enroll
  Q&A on Chapters 1 to 10
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Debriefing Unredacting Jesus - Chapter 14
Available in days
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  An ancient secret code
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  Milk and Meat Riddle
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  Free Webinar Replay: Why Now?
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course launch is January 17th 3PM Los Angeles time! You can watch the LIVE sessions according to your timezone or you can catch the replay recording that will be posted within 24 hours. So if you missed a class, you can catch up and watch the recorded class at your own convenience.
How long do I have access to the course and replays?
Access is ongoing so you can review over and over and over again, at your leisure.
Are there payment plans?
Absolutely. We wanted to make sure everyone could enroll in the course, so there are different payment options upon enrollment.
Who is this course right for?
Well, if you have any questions about Jesus, Judaism, Christianity, Religion, Life, the Messiah, God, Why Our Prayers Often Go Unanswered, The Holy Grail, and you have never received a satisfactory answer, then this course is right for you. Full stop.
Can I access the course anywhere?
You can attend the live class or watch the replay-recordings across all devices - be it mobile devices, tablets or desktops. The LIVE sessions will take place on Zoom (it is a free Skype-like platform for you to watch the lecture and interact with Billy Phillips with all your questions).
Is there a prerequisite?
Yes. An open heart and an open mind. And believe nothing. Instead, test everything in your life and see if it works for yourself.
How do I enroll and register?
Just scroll down and choose the payment plan that suits your needs.


Please note: This waiting list is filling fast.
First come, first serve!