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ATOM & EVE is an 11-Class Course

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ATOM & EVE is an online course that unifies modern day science with Kabbalah. This course is based directly on TWO lectures I gave at NASA. The NASA Lectures were based on the Zohar, and the profound teachings of Kabbalist Rav Berg.

No other Kabbalist in history has done more to bring the unification of science and Kabbalah than Rav Berg. The Rav's work is breathtaking, profound and beyond words. 

This 11-class course will unify science and Kabbalah for the first time ever.

The Stunning Secret Influence of Zohar throughout history
The Big Bang and the Zohar
Resolving the Mystery of the Age of the Universe
The Hidden Truth about Evolution
The Quantum Physics Connection
Parallel Universes
Secrets of Time and Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Mind over Matter and Human Consciousness
and lots more....

+ BONUS LECTURE: Close Encounters of the Zohar Kind: UFO, Aliens and Other Planets

ATOM & EVE is an 8-Class Course

Regular Enrollment Fee: $8 per class

($91 payable in 2 monthly installments)


(available for one-time purchases)

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This course is directly based on two lectures I did at NASA a few years ago. As one of the NASA scientists told me at the end of the lecture, "The insights of this book of Zohar blew my mind!"
This is the grave site of the renowned Kabbalist known as Rabbi Elijah otherwise known as The Vilna Gaon (Genius of Vilna, Lithuania).

This extraordinary Kabbalist revealed mind-blowing secrets of the recent Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

This great Kabbalist ALSO wrote, in a secret text, a few hundred years ago, that the way to bring the Messiah and authentic world peace and the end of death now, is through the unification of Science and Kabbalah.

The unification of science and Kabbalah is the event that will trigger the arrival of Heaven on Earth through the Messiah.

For that reason, Rabbi Elijah instructed his disciples to study all the sciences.

What to expect from this course:

This will course will reveal the long-hidden connection between Science and the Bible.

The Laws of Physics will be simplified and made practical, revealing how the meaning of our existence is embedded in Science and Modern Day Physics.

A stunning and epic equation law for generating what is known as THE GRAND UNIFIED THEORY also known as THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, will be revealed. It is as shocking as it is simple.

This course will feature interviews with renowned physicists including Nobel Prize winners.

The more people that grasp these life-altering secrets, the quicker we achieve The Unification of Science and Kabbalah; in other words, the arrival of world peace and Paradise.

Once again, the scientific laws will be made profoundly practical so we can achieve a taste of heaven on earth in our lives, until that moment of our Final Redemption arrives. Expect and demanding nothing less.
When I lectured at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, NASA officials were kind enough to present me with a gift -- a framed picture of the launch of one of the Space Shuttle's missions:
This NASA scientist rushed over to me at the end of my lecture at the Kennedy Space Centre.
He was extremely excited to tell me something about the quotes I shared from the Zohar! He said, "I was amazed by the precision of the Zohar!"

He was stunned!

I smiled at him.


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It was science that introduced me to Kabbalah. I hated religion. I never got answers when I went to Hebrew school. When i was successful in business in my late twenties I thought I had everything. And I had all the toys you can imagine. But I was empty. I started reading science books because Judaism had no answers.

Wow. Quantum Physics blew my mind even though i only grasped a microscopic spec of what I was reading.

And then I was introduced to Kabbalah and the teachings of the Rav. I was breathless as I learned how the Judaism I disliked so much was finally reconciled with the insane truths of modern day science. And then I met the Rav. And I never looked back.

Only a few months before Rav Berg had his stroke, I was learning the secrets of the Rav's Nano book with him each morning of the week. The experience is beyond what I can describe.

So, as you can imagine, this course is deeply important to me for all these reasons.

About Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips is in the intellectual property licensing business. He is also an award-winning writer, producer, and creative director.

He has been instrumental in bridging the divide between science and spirituality. Billy has guest lectured at NASA on two occasions. These talks were given at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, and the Goddard Space Flight Center located just outside Washington, DC.

During his ongoing studies and research he has explored this topic with a wide range of luminaries physicists, scholars, and world leaders including Nobel Laureate and physicist Arno Penzias, Michio Kaku, US President Bill Clinton and other luminaries.

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Access is ongoing so you can review over and over and over again, at your leisure.

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Absolutely. We wanted to make sure everyone could enroll in the course, so there are different payment options upon enrollment.

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You can attend the live class or watch the replay/recordings across all devices - be it mobile devices, tablets or desktops.

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Yes. An open heart and an open mind. And believe nothing. Instead, test everything in your life and see if it works for yourself.

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