Inside the Vatican Library


This is a free Mini-Course for anyone who would like to discover the 3 greatest mysteries of Christianity from a Kabbalistic point of view.

The Vatican Library is world-famous and so too is the secret archive of the Vatican except that's never been made public.

In this FREE Mini-Course, we will glimpse inside the actual secret archive and as we do we're going to recall what some of the earliest Church Fathers had to say in direct relation to the secret teachings of Jesus.
Take Origen of Alexandria, the most prolific of all the Church Fathers. Here's what he says:

"The disciples learn the explanation of the parables in private. It is dangerous to reveal to everybody the secret meanings of the scripture."

There was no doubt that Scripture, the Old Testament, The Torah were filled with secret hidden teachings.

Wanna talk about redacted documents?




Classified Intel?

We're now going to discover and identify The 3 Ancient Mysteries.
And you will also leaa practical application when you know the names and functions of the Multiple Hidden Dimensions of the Tree of Life.



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