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The Kabbalists tell us that the scrolls of the Bible are not simply stories. In fact, the Zohar says that whoever reads the Bible literally, it would be better for the world if such a person had never been born. The Bible is a code. It was created as a code by design so that we, the souls of humanity, would have to strive and work hard at deciphering the code thereby becoming the cause and creators of our own fulfillment.

The Zohar and the teachings of Kabbalah are the technology that deciphers the entire Torah and by doing so, they reveal tremendous forces of spiritual energy in the process. This energy is the source of our happiness, inspiration, creativity, even our very life force.

The Torah is not the only coded biblical scroll.

Every Purim, we read the biblical Scroll of Esther. This Scroll also contains endless codes and wisdom.

The story of Purim is about the near destruction of the Israelites in Persia (modern day Iran) back in the 4th century, BCE. An evil man by the name of Haman, an advisor to the King of Persia, was determined to wipe out all the Israelites from the Persian Empire in a true act of genocide. In the story, a man name Mordechai urges his cousin Queen Esther to intervene and convince her husband the King to prevent Haman from committing the massacre.

Take 3-4 minutes and watch this video below. It reveals a an amazing code that correlates to our very time, a good twenty plus centuries after this biblical scroll known as the Scroll of Esther, was written.