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  Webinar: What do Jesus, Moses, an iPhone & Apollo 11 have in common?

Watch the replay of tonight's webinar. I hope you enjoyed it and left feeling the energy in the room.

In this webinar, I answer the question: Why are the secret teachings of Jesus coming out at this point in history? I share the answer as revealed by the Kabbalists, including a redacted section of Zohar that was taken out back in the middle ages.

You can enroll and guarantee your spot now by visiting the course page:

Course will be launched on 17th January at 3pm Los Angeles time

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The LIVE sessions will take place on Zoom (it is a free Skype-like platform for you to watch the lecture and interact with Billy Phillips with all your questions).

* RECORDING of the CLASSES will be made available
24h after the live classes for those who miss it.