When it comes to consciousness and truth, there is a way to know (if you really want to know, objectively) if someone's consciousness is rooted in truth, especially as it relates to something deeply personal like spiritual or religious truth.

A person who is not genuinely certain about their own religious truth, they subconsciously project their doubts and uncertainty onto others by preaching and trying to convince others that they possess the truth. Changing others becomes almost an obsession for them. They recruit. They sermonize. They preach.

Now, what drives their obsession to change and convert others is the person's own subconscious good intention to find the truth. They know, deep inside that they have not yet found it. Consequently, they project their own hunger onto others by trying to convince them.

Here's the secret...

With the discovery of truth comes the divine dignity towards others to allow them to find the truth on their own. Because that is the greatest gift God gave humankind: the free will to seek and find and to know.

When you have the authentic truth, you want to share it ONLY by embodying it, living it, and shining it. You have zero stake in the outcome if someone rejects it. You understand. You respect it. You are not trying to convince. You have a deep, unshakeable and calming sense of "knowing" along with a sense of freedom.

With truth comes the wisdom to realize it is the duty of each person to find it on their own. If you try to force or convince others, you are robbing them of their divine gift. And this is OPPOSITE of what the force we like to call God, had intended for humankind.

If you are mad, sad, disappointed, or frustrated because your opinion and truth is rejected by someone else, it means you do have not fully connected to the truth yet.

If someone else is mad, sad, disappointed, or frustrated that you are not accepting their truth, it means what they are trying to give you is not the truth yet.

And this is why the wars of history were always fought over someone's version of the truth. This is why religion has been the single greatest cause of war and bloodshed.