Imagine if I had on a pair of magic glasses and when someone did me wrong. I would see that it was the Opponent whispering in their ear, pulling the strings and controlling them like a puppet master operating a marionette puppet. And imagine if those same glasses allowed me to see the essence of the person that I am arguing with; seeing their soul, seeing their true identity and consciousness. And imagine if I now saw that they were crying out to me for help, pleading for me NOT to believe the egocentric part of themselves that was aggravating, annoying and treating me so unkindly.

Would I judge?

If I saw truly that reality, I would lose my anger as fast as ice on fire.

All of us in that situation would do anything to help and assist that person. And to love them, unconditionally. And if we knew that by NOT judging in that moment, we would ALSO free our friend— and ourselves—from the control of the Opponent, we would offer this person, that we just hated a moment ago, endless mercy, compassion, and empathy.


That is unity. That is the kind of consciousness we need if we are to rid this world of all pain and suffering and death itself.

That is the kind of vision we must strive to achieve.

But it’s not easy.

But it is simple.

Perhaps, too simple.