Mind blowing. And we accept it. All the studies. All the News headlines. Up and down. Running from one potential therapy to another. Worrying and agonizing over the latest studies. Generating false hopes over another study.

One study says aspirin is the wonder drug. Another says it’s harmful. This has been going on for decades. Every single study has an opposite, contradicting study as well. Butter is bad for cholesterol. No, wait. A new study says it’s actually good for you.

You can google any homeopathic remedy or prescription treatment and you find studies that scare the hell out of you or you will find studies that give you great hope. In other words, you will find what you are looking for. Just to prevent you from finding the authentic truth.

And we miss the lesson underlying all of these studies and contradicting google searches that we are addicted to.


There is a reason why it’s been said throughout history that people are not ready for truth. Because we’re not. It’s innate. We run from the truth. Or we dismiss it. Or we ignore it by getting distracted. Or it gets corrupted to the point where the truth looks ridiculous.

We look for answers and solutions everywhere but the one place it exists (I’ll tell you in a moment). We comb the earth in search of a miracle cure. Jeff Bezos is now spending billions on outer space exploration to solve our problems. We always look outside, high above, down below, everywhere but within. Yes, the answers we have been seeking are within. That is not poetry. It’s 25th century technology.

Because the one truth we just cannot wrap our heads around and embrace and integrate is that our own consciousness creates our reality; and therefore it’s our consciousness, along with the behavior it engenders, that is the sole determinate of all our problems...and our solutions.

Physicists has been encountering consciousness in quantum mechanics over the last 100 years. And yet they struggle like hell to ignore it.

The external world is a distraction and an addiction that has blinded us to this truth.

This is the only hurdle we must overcome to unleash all the hidden resources of this planet and the connection and unity between people.

We are getting closer as physics is constantly showing us the truth of the power of consciousness. But we are not there yet.

We are all afflicted with the Golden Calf syndrome. What’s that? We expect something outside ourselves to be the intermediary between us and the solutions and dreams that we seek.

And that syndrome is caused by another hidden truth that has eluded is since the dawn of existence: the existence of an independent force inside of us called the Adversary or Opponent.

This internal force of dark consciousness is what created religion, where we wind up praying for help, seeking assistance from something outside ourselves. As if God would say no to a heartfelt prayer.

From the viewpoint of the Zohar, which embodies the secret teachings of Kabbalah, and the Torah, and even the secret teachings of Jesus, true prayer is designed to achieve one thing: to remove the dark independent force within us so that our pessimism, anger, doubts and anxiety will evaporate.

Once that happens, we will be unencumbered by darkness and fear and we can now use our innate power of consciousness to heal ourselves and make our dreams come true.

Here's the "big BUT!"

There is a prerequisite. And the prerequisite for unleashing the full power of our consciousness is human dignity. Boom. There it is. The biggest hurdle we face. It’s too simple. We simply cannot let go of our ego, our opinions, our politics, our anger and our narrow-mindedness so that we can treat others with a bit of dignity. And this is why we need the technology of “prayer” to peel away the layers of the Opponent within us, so that we no longer have opponents in our world.

The way we evaporate our pessimism and doubt, is by identifying our negative traits of egocentricity. In other words, finding our impulsive selfish reactions. Each time we change, each time we resist these selfish, narcissistic impulses, we ignite healing and Light within.

And like a simple candle, our light illumines the lives of others at the same time. And now they start treating us differently as well. And as they begin to shine, our jealousy and anger towards them begins to dissipate.

Love Thy Neighbor was never meant to be a moral. That is a corruption.

It’s technology. And once we master it, all the physical technologies, innovation, resources and solutions will be unleashed on earth, giving us the ability transform this world into what it was always meant to be: heaven on earth.

And now, the doubt comes back in. And the skepticism. And it tells us, this is too good be true.

Free will is a bitch, ain't it?

It's not only the blood in our skull that we should worry about; it's the curtains of ego in our head that block out the divine Light that is human consciousness.