There are two mirrors in life:

One mirror we love and one mirror we despise with all our heart.

One mirror reflects our physical body. This is the mirror on the wall. We love gazing into this mirror. We love it so much, we even like to look at windows that reflect our image as we walk in the streets. We love to see how we look throughout our day.

The second mirror reflects our inner negative traits. We hate and loathe this mirror. This is the mirror that reflects off the people we see around us and in the world. When we see our traits reflected in these other people, our anger and hatred explodes to the point that we go into utter and complete denial that we are really being shown everything that is wrong with us, to one degree or another.

When we finally embrace this truth, victimhood and judgment between people will come to an end. It will be replaced by accountability and inner reflection and transformation.

And the Light of Peace and Deep Fulfillment will reflect all over the world.