A dog possesses a certain level of consciousness. A dog at home in Los Angeles can perceive its immediate surroundings and world.

But the dog is totally clueless, blind and unaware of what’s happening in the rest of the city, the rest of the country and the rest of the world. The dog has no conception of the events happening in Europe, the Middle East, Asia etc., even though this whole other world is present in the here and now.

The rest of our world—including all the movies, entertainment, politics and the myriad of human events unfolding—absolutely do not exist for this dog. The poor creature is 1000% blind and unconsciousness in regards to this other world that is right in front of its face.

We too are blind.

Our present level of consciousness blinds us in the exact same way to other worlds that are here right now, present and existing whole and complete, and yet invisible to our senses ONLY because our consciousness is limited.

Worlds upon worlds upon worlds co-exist among us, and yet we see and know nothing of their reality. They do not exist for us, even though their existence is as tangible as the screen you are reading this on.

Paradise and this true reality are here. Right now. It’s all right in front of our noses. They co-exist with us, the same way the rest of the world co-exists with the dog.

We can access, perceive and experience this perfected reality when we remove our blinders—the egocentric reactive consciousness and impulses that act as a thick blanket hung over our head.

The ancient secret wisdom, which the ancient Kabbalists, including Jesus knew, helps us to remove those reactive impulses because that is how we begin to see and experience the true worlds that are right in front of us at this very moment.

No one is coming to save us.

God is not planning to pull back the curtain on our behalf to reveal true reality.

It’s up to us to eradicate the blinding reactive influence of the human ego to discover the magic, the fulfillment and the perfected world that has been here all along.

This is the evolution that is taking place.

And it’s up to us.

We need only to apply the tools and technology to liberate us from the reactive human ego, thereby removing the blindfold.

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