You find the truth out there when you find the lies inside yourself.

You find the Light out there when you find the darkness inside yourself.

If you find darkness out there, it’s because you have not found the darkness inside yourself.

When you find that darkness, you realize it has been distorting your view of reality. Showing you the opposite of what the people around you are saying. Only THEN can you begin to open your heart and mind and separate yourself from the darkness to see a truer picture of reality. Only by realizing that darkness has been feeding you lies, will you remove the blinders to see the authentic truth out in the world.

But we have been programmed to look outside first. So we judge others. We feel better about ourselves when we point out all that is wrong in others. We are just projecting. We are projecting the darkness that we have FAILED to find inside of ourselves. We are not projecting on purpose. It’s a subconscious reflex action.

ONLY by finding the lies and darkness within will we see the beauty and magic in the world out there.

When a critical mass of people activate the courage and guts to find the inner lies and darkness, we will see a rapid transformation of our world, with innovations both technological and spiritual, that will unleash anti-aging, unlimited resources of energy, and authentic peace and biological immortal existence. It happens in stages. But the quicker we deep dive within, the quicker the lies and death and darkness around us will collapse.

Now, to start, begin with dismantling all the skepticism and cynicism you have about this whole idea.