Love Thy Straight Neighbor

Love Thy Democrat Neighbor

Love Thy Republican Neighbor

Love Thy Far Right Neighbor

Love Thy Far Left Neighbor

Love Thy Centrist Neighbor

Love Thy Moderate Neighbor

Love Thy Christian Neighbor

Love Thy Jewish Neighbor

Love Thy Muslim Neighbor

Love Thy Hindu Neighbor

Love Thy Buddhist Neighbor

Love Thy White Neighbor

Love Thy Black Neighbor

The directive was LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. PERIOD.

Not for morals. Not for ethics. Not for religious reasons.

Nope. Here's the secret....

Our atoms are immortal. We age and die because our atoms stop bonding. Our atoms mirror our consciousness. When we disconnect from others, our atoms disconnect and stop bonding.

When we finally master the difficult art and technology called Love Thy Neighbor and we bond with people, our immortal atoms will mirror our consciousness and our atoms will bond forever. And because atoms are immortal, we become immortal. Stunning. Profound. Nothing would ever wear out, age, decay or die.

THAT is the mystery and secret technology underlying this ancient Biblical instruction.

But man corrupted the wisdom and created religion. How did that work out?

Time to let religious, narrow-minded consciousness go and embrace immortal existence by loving all our neighbors. And even THAT really means -- just dignity and respect for all people, and NEVER project your own issues onto other people. Which we always do, subconsciously. That is what blame is all about. That is what denial is all about.

If you blame Trump, you blew it.

If you blame Ocasio-Cortez or Hillary or blew it.

We must work on our own consciousness and just strive, try, and really work hard at Loving Thy Neighbor (which means a bit of tolerance.)

The payoff is unimaginable.

Share this. Because that is how we also Love Thy Neighbor.

Text by Billy Phillips

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