If you build an intelligent robot, could it really learn to love you, appreciate you and understand you like another human being?

Of course not.

Likewise, if you make a paper doll, can that doll love you, appreciate you, care for you, share with you and interact with you, the way your own child or parent can?

Of course not.

It has no independent existence, or innate feelings, emotions, wisdom and consciousness that is truly separate, individualistic and independent of your consciousness. You are programming everything into it.

This is kind of what happened when the infinite Light Force that people tend to call God, occurred when the souls of humanity were created.

We were robotic. We were paper dolls. There was no independent consciousness or feelings that emerged from within us, without having been pre-programmed into us.

This world, during a 6000-year process, is designed to evolve a truly independent consciousness that gives us worthy existence on our own merit and effort. It's a process that will allow us to appreciate and, more important, GRASP and experience the infinite pleasure and fulfillment that is true reality.

This process is no different than the 9 months a fetus must go through in order to evolve from a spec of embryo into a living human being.

The 6000 years are like the 9 months. We are developing. It's painful. It's difficult. It's been a long and hard road. But the purpose is to transform us into authentic human beings with the capacity to experience the infinite perfected, deathless realm that shines brighter and more pleasurable than our current consciousness can understand.

Humans love to create "characters" when we write plays, stories, or we engage in the creation of robots imbued with artificial intelligence.

We are emulating a process that is in our subconscious.

The Kabbalists teach that we do have the ability to create other "characters" but we will never be able to match the Light Force in terms of creating a separate conscious living being capable of loving, feeling, growing and elevating their own consciousness.

That power only resides in the Light Force we call God.

The human ego is the Operating System and software that controls our behavior. It is robotic. When we resist the ego, resist our innate reactions to anything around us that triggers a reflex response, like anger, jealousy, fear, we unleash a spark of authentic consciousness within us. We are the ones who are creating a truly conscious human being.

The Light Force left that transformation to us.

Fact is, we can never truly evolve through our own effort to earn infinite fulfillment, pleasure and life. But the Light Force has calculated that the 6000-year process will, in fact, imbue us with a consciousness that will allow us to feel and experience and become truly human beings who will live in the Light of Pleasure forever, beyond all imagining, once we complete the process.

This Light Force gave us a way to hack the system so that we do not have to go the full 6000 years.

It's called the Zohar.

Through the Zohar, we can accelerate the process and eradicate the egocentric software that is like a virus in our consciousness. Why is that important? Once that virus has been reprogrammed into a proactive state of consciousness as opposed to reactive, death will end and true reality will unfold before our very eyes.

The problem is, this egocentric reactive virus also implants doubt within us. That is how it stays alive and active.

Overcoming this challenge is HOW we become human.