The great Kabbalist, Rav Yehuda Ashlag said the true, authentic war at the End of Days that ushers in the Final Redemption is a war of human consciousness.

In other words, Armageddon is not asteroids crashing into the earth or nuclear explosions all over the world.

People will see opposite views of reality. People will battle over ideology and opinions. People will wage war internally against their own reactive nature, fueled by the emotional rollercoaster that is the human ego, versus the human soul, our true state of consciousness that we came to unleash.

According to the Zohar, people will even wage war against the Messiah. Keep in mind, the Messiah is not a savior. The Messiah has many "limbs" and will thus appear step-by-step manifesting in different ways and via different people and different events over time, before finally completing the arrival of a new peaceful and immortal world.

Most important, the Messiah is a state of conciousness within us, and so when the Zohar says people will even wage war against the Messiah, it is our OWN EGO waging war against us internally. How? Our reactive emotions prevent us from seeing, perceiving and embracing truths that are OPPOSITE of our existing views and emotions. This is a stunning statement that needs to be re-read over and over.

Kabbalist Rav Berg introduced a life-altering truth about the Armageddon War and its connection to the human immune system and the arrival of airborne disease. Rav Berg said the war on the immune system and an airborne disease will also be part of this process.

This is fascinating.

The immune system manifests in many ways. It is our ability to resist the ego, it is the ozone layer of planet earth, it is our internal immune system that fights disease, and it is a global state of consciousness where our greed and judgment are curtailed and resisted by the better angels in our collective nature.

It is all interconnected.

So what's the point?

We are in the midst of the Armageddon War now. The airborne disease has arrived. The pressure of Covid is squeezing the world, forcing people to choose sides in regards to their state of consciousness.

This is manifesting in our leaders as well. Trump is forcing people to choose sides in their ability to perceive true reality as it pertains to politics and government and change.

The media is presenting two polar opposite views of world events, Fox on one side and the mainstream media like CNN and CBS, NBC on the other side.

Two opposite views are co-existing.

The middle ground is gone. People either despise Trump and what he represents or they deeply love Trump.

People either hate the other side or they respect the differences of the other side and agree to disagree with dignity.

Some people see Marxist-styled censorship from the big tech companies like Twitter and Facebook and Google while others see the policing of false news and misleading information.

The middle is gone. The middle is the immune system; the ability to manage and reconcile two opposite viewpoints, and finding common ground and a higher truth that transcends the two opposing sides.

And THIS is why the human immune system will also be attacked during Armageddon War because the war of consciousness is our free will ability to RESIST our ego and the external world pressures that incite our ego, the same way the immune system has the power to RESIST viruses and plagues.

Or not.

Both are intimately connected.

We are in it.

This pandemic could've (should've?) been a deadly toxic disease that slaughtered 2/3rds of the world's population.

The Zohar promised protection to avoid such a gruesome scenario during Armageddon and I will personally state for the record that it was the Zohar that prevented Covid from being the deadly plague that was destined to strike our world.

Now we must use that power to prevent our reactive emotions and ego-centric blinders that make us see the opposite of reality, from triggering negative behavior towards others.

Some people say we need a leader that will unite the world.

That unification is NOT coming. Both sides will NOT come together in peace. This is a naive and misinformed belief. At least, according to the Zohar.


The world, according to the Zohar, will actually split into two, known as "OY and ASHREI" which means chaos and blessing.

People will have their last shot at exercising human free will, to choose to free themselves from the influence of the blinding ego, or to submit to the delicious, self righteous feelings of ego.

Our choices and our behavior will determine if we wind up in a personal reality of chaos or blessing. BOTH sides will exist during these End of Days.

There is no grand unification of the world in Armageddon. No Kumbaya love fest!

There are only two paths to the arrival of a new world.

Only AFTER this war has ended, only after the transformation of human consciousness is complete, will there be a wonderful state of unity between people.

But for now, there are two paths, two sides, two realities and two results that will litter the pathway to paradise.

Chaos and Blessing.

We have the power to choose which pathway we will walk.

But make no mistake, giving up our tightly-held beliefs and reactive emotions is the most difficult task of all.

Being on the side of blessing takes courage and tremendous pain on the ego.

Being on the side of chaos is far more tempting because it feeds our ego and seduces us with the immediate pleasure of being right and smarter than everyone else.

Letting go of our ego and our beliefs is like ripping away a bandage from an open wound. OUCHHHH!

Keeping our ego is like sipping chocolate milk or a scotch.

Yes my friends, free will is a bitch.