During the days leading to up to the Messiah and our actual Redemption (we are in it folks) the Zohar says those who are connected to the Zohar and to this wisdom and to the path of self-betterment, they will be connected to the Tree of Life (code word for happiness and positive energy and healing).

Those that have turned away from this path, who neglect this wisdom, and only nourish from the Tree of Knowledge (the dark side for instant gratification), "They will be shamed...like darkness before light..."

Further, the Zohar says "From their aspect, there will be no apparent difference between the exile (chaos) and the days of Messiah..."

In other words, the negative people will not even realize that we are all in the days of the Messiah. In other words, chaos and order, pain and pleasure will both be available. Parallel universes will exist right before our very eyes.

Perhaps this is why two people see two different and opposite perspectives when watching Trump or watching Biden on television. Perhaps this is why we have opposite opinions about the coronavirus and the government, and the causes, and the reasons for chaos.

Opposite realities will exist.

And so we cannot ever claim that we are totally right in our opinions. Because if someone sees the opposite, they are right from their perspective. So the debate and heated argument is futile. That's why we are never convincing the other side.

So, is there a cosmic scorecard and an energy force of justice? Like, how do we know if we are right or wrong?

The answer is stunning.

Here it is: It does NOT matter if we are right or wrong.

It only matters if we are happy or miserable. If we are connected to the Tree of Life, we will be happy. Period. We won't give a damn about being right or wrong. We will be too busy enjoying our happiness. Everything will be going right in our lives. We will not be upset if someone has an opposite opinion. Because we will feel secure and serene in our happiness and connection to true reality.

If we are not happy and deeply fulfilled, it means we are not connected to the Tree of Life, but rather to the parallel universe known as the Tree of Knowledge. Duh. It will drive us mad that the other side does not see and believe what we believe. Deep. Profound. Powerful.

Our actions and consciousness and our behavior determines which reality we are connecting with. The more we give up and look for good in the other person, the deeper our connection to the Tree of Life and the Source of everlasting happiness and contentment, and authentic inner peace.

So find the good in the people you don't like.

Start extending mercy and compassion to the people who freak you out and annoy the hell out of you.

That will ensure a connection to the Tree of Life.

Good news; The Zohar in many places reveals that the Zohar itself IS the manifestation and expression of the Tree of Life energy and Light.