The Hebrew month of Iyyar begins today. This is the month of healing. Boy, how's that for good timing. Anyway, the letters of this month, governing and channeling the power of healing are the Hebrew letters Pei and Vav.

These two letters affect our world at the level of nanotechnology, the fundamental level of existence. They are the nanorobots we need to heal our world.

Now, if you look carefully, you will see the Hebrew letter Beit inside the the letter Pei, in the white space (see picture below). That's another nanorobot.

The letter Beit is for blessing (bracha in Hebrew).

And it's the very first letter of the Torah. The seed and primordial energy force that brought forth the creation of the cosmos and human existence. Wow. Amazing power in the letter Beit.

Now, the letter Pei is also for the "Pidyon ha Ben" which begins with the letter Pei.

What the heck is a "Pidyon ha Ben"?

Bottom line, this refers to the Redemption of the First-Born. It removes death. It's a simple connection that the Israelites perform when a male child is the first born into a family. Details are not important now. You can google it.

What IS important is that this refers to our own very redemption. The arrival of the Messiah. So this is a very powerful letter because the letter Beit has the letter Pei wrapped around it (see second picture above).

In other words, the seed of our redemption and healing and arrival of Messiah is encoded into the very first letter of the Torah -- the Beit. But we don't see the Pei because the letter Beit is written in black and so we do not blatantly see the Pei when we look at the letter Beit.

But it's there. Just as the white space reveals the Beit inside the letter Pei.

We just need to put it there with our consciousness.

In other words, through the willful power of our own consciousness, we activate the the power of the Pei -- the Redemption of humanity, the first-born of God via the Israelites, and this wisdom, and we remove death from the world when we use the Torah and meditate upon the Beit and Pei.

As the Rav said, the seed contains the fruit. Likewise, the letter Beit contains our redemption via the letter Pei, the redemption of the first born (see second picture above).

All we need to bring to the table is our knowledge of this secret.

So through the Pei and Vav, we now ignite healing, we end the coronavirus, we end death and we ignite the arrival of the Redemption of the world. We also tap into the seed of the entire Torah, the Beit, and ignite Blessings via the letter Beit, which contains the seed and final fruit, which is our redemption.

Interestingly, the letter Vav is known in the Zohar as The Son. Once again, an allusion to the first born of the Creator.

It's about consciousness. It's about energy forces; forces that we can now tap into this month by the revelation of this great secret from Kabbalist Rav Berg.


If you cannot follow everything that I shared, just KNOW that healing and the death of death are available this month simply by meditating upon these two letters, Pei and Vav (and the hidden Beit in the white space) for the next 30 days.