Amazing how everyone has a reason for Covid-19 except the truth.

They are blaming everything from climate change to bats. Those are all symptoms. The blame is not our abuse of the environment or eating bats or wet markets. Those are merely manifestations of something internal, something we absolutely refuse, reject and resist accepting.

Our behavior towards others. Period.

If a climate change activist verbally abuses another human being for polluting the planet, their verbal abuse is worse than the polluting of the planet.

If Democrats launch verbal assaults against Trump, spewing hatred over a policy they dislike or a mistake that Trump makes, their verbal assaults and hatred do more harm to the planet than any government policy. Negative speech is what creates airborne diseases. And now our ego puts into denial.

And so all the activists and celebrities and news anchors and commentators and regular people talking garbage about the "other side" are contributing more chaos and darkness into our world.

We just don't get it. Because it's too damn simple.

And the hatred and vitriol against one another is only growing. Even the Pope is now blaming climate change instead of listening to Jesus and realizing its how we treat one another. Turn the other cheek. In other words, do not react, and do not respond with hatred because our interactions are the key to changing the world good or bad.

We have no clue that our consciousness is the cause of everything. Period. Not someone else's consciousness. Only my own consciousness. And we were all given a dark side, by design, to transform. And as I transform it, I change the world.

We have been deceived by our negative dark side into blaming everyone and everything except our own behavior and state of consciousness as it relates to how we treat and view one another.

As we treat each other with dignity, AUTOMATICALLY, we will treat the planet with dignity. Not only that, the wellsprings of knowledge and innovation will open, providing solutions to heal the planet and bring prosperity to everyone. Those solutions can only be activated by our internal change and behavior towards one another. Otherwise, we learn by trial and error.

Time to take responsibility and realize our words have power.

Our judgments have power.

And the mercy we extend has power.

The world is a mirror reflection of our consciousness.

And we each have our own parallel reality and world.

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