This week’s Zohar tells us that as we sleep in our beds at night our soul leaves our body (a “pilot light” stays on to keep the body alive) and it hovers over this world. If we have controlled our reactive egocentric impulses, treating others with dignity and using the tools to transform ourselves during that day, many of us will ascend and rise up through the spiritual atmospheres and connect to the Divine Energy of true reality. We are able to gaze at Divinity. Our degree of elevation and connection is based on our deeds. The souls of people who are ruled by their dark side rise as well but they are seized by negative forces that hover in the world. These forces tell the souls lies and falsehoods about future events and laugh at the soul.

Those people who have remained steadfast on the path, their souls navigate through an open pathway, past these negative entities that are swarming about the world. These negative forces actually create the pathway as they call out and say “Make way, make way, this one soul is not of our side.” Now the soul rises among the saints (the positive forces of consciousness/souls) and they are told accurate information about the future.

This is one reason why some people always make terrible decisions in life as their calculations and deliberations are way off the mark, whereas other people’s instincts, decisions and sixth sense are dead-on accurate and lead to positive results and good fortune in life.