2000 years ago the Zohar said some rather bizarre things about the universe and planet earth. It was so strange and unfamiliar the Zohar was referred to as mysticism. Today it is called science.

The Zohar said the earth originally was one body of water, a superocean, and then one supercontinent appeared. The one continent then divided into seven continents.

How bizarre is that for 2000 years ago?

Here is the actual; quote from Zohar Chadash, Section 45 and paragraph 486:

“The waters brought forth one actual land and from it the seven lands were formed.”

The Zohar explains how our seven continents and seven seas are a mirror of the upper spiritual worlds where are there seven dimensions separated by seven firmaments. In our world, the firmaments are the seven seas and the seven dimensions manifest as the seven lands.

Now check out what science says. According to Live Science online magazine:

“About 300 million years ago, Earth didn’t have seven continents, but instead one massive supercontinent called Pangaea, which was surrounded by a single ocean.”

Wikipedia, referring to the famous science book The Origins of Continents and Oceans confirms:

“Before breaking up and drifting to their present locations, all the continents had formed a single supercontinent.”

The Zohar and science are identical in their descriptions. The Zohar even goes on to say that the earth spins on its axis, that our planet is round, and that there are different time zones.

And the Zohar calculates the age of the universe at over 15 billion years of age.

In other words, the Zohar says the entire Bible and the creation story, is a code and whoever takes the Bible literally, it would be better if such a person had never been born.

Since more blood has been spilled in the name of religion than any other cause, no wonder the Zohar is adamant about the danger of reading the Bible literally.