It's finally coming out. The truth. In full. What truth? How Kabbalah and Zohar predated the secrets of science and physics and biology and chemistry and nanotechnology by twenty centuries. That's 2000 years!

In the picture below, you can see the ancient Hebrew structure of the Ten Dimensions, known as the Tree of Life or Ten Sephirot. Sephirot means emanations. These ten dimension or ten emanations bond together and formulate the entire universe, from solar systems and galaxies to all lifeforms. This is why it is called the Tree of Life.

The hexagonal structure of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life mirrors the carbon and hydrogen bonds discovered in DNA. And these exact same structures have just been discovered in the matter and radiation that exists in the interstellar space between star systems in a galaxy. This interstellar space and these molecules are the building blocks of planets, stars and life.


The Zohar nails it.

The Tree of Life structure—AKA the Ten Sephirot—lie at the very heart of the formation of the entire cosmos and all lifeforms.

From the vast macroscopic sea of interstellar space to the tiny microscopic double Helix in our DNA, the Zohar's breathtaking wisdom and stunning blueprint for creation is found to be the driving creative force behind it all.

What science has not yet discovered is that human consciousness—our minds, thoughts, and our creative impulses—they too are the products of the Tree of Life.

Which is good news.


Because knowing how to access and navigate these structures of energy gives us the iron grip power to control our lives, our emotions, our states of consciousness and our state of being.

In other words, we can get rid of our fears, phobias, OCD, anger, anxiety, worry, rage, depression, jealousy, envy and every other unwanted emotion that torments us.

We can learn to harness the very building blocks of the cosmos to recreate our own reality. That means we have to power to lessen the chaos, diminish the darkness, eradicate our ailments and illuminate our lives to a degree we never thought possible.

We are now witnessing the unification of science and Zohar. It's happening on a scale never before seen in human history. And it's crossing over into medical science, quantum physics, biology, chemistry, psychology, and all other areas of human endeavor.

This was the original intent of Creation; to give humankind the tools we need to acquire complete control over our lives and this world so that we can construct true paradise and eliminate the forces of death from this world.